Mantaflow Fire & Smoke Simulation Guide in Blender

Mantaflow Fire & Smoke Simulation Guide in Blender

Hello everyone and welcome to the Mantaflow Fire & Smoke Simulation Guide!  This course is for anyone wanting to learn about how to create realistic fire or smoke in Blender 2.82.  With the introduction of Mantaflow it completely changed how the fluid simulation operates. That is why in the first section I will be showing you the basics and how it works.

After that we will be going through the domain and how every single setting and value effects the simulation. The next section is all about the different types of objects you can add to the simulation such as smoke, fire, collisions and more.  We will also jump into the material and learn how to create realistic fire and smoke using the node editor.

There are 4 full tutorials in which we use the smoke and fire simulation to create some interesting animations.  The first one is realistic fire with sparks.  In this tutorial we create a very realistic fire simulation. Using an HDRI (high dynamic range image) to light the scene.  Another topic we cover is the particle system and learn how to emit sparks into our fire.

There is also a swirling smoke animation. For this scene we use the curve modifier and learn how to animate a sphere following it.  And we will learn how to properly render smoke in the real time render engine Eevee.

You like explosions right? Well you are in luck because there is another tutorial on that exact topic. For this animation we animate a sphere crashing onto the ground and exploding into multiple pieces.

Finally as a fun bonus section we will be creating low poly fire using the particle system.  For this section we create a fancy material that changes the particle color as it rises into the air.

If you are interested in learning all about the smoke and fire simulation and how it works in Blender, hit that enroll button and let’s get started! I look forward to seeing what you create!



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