Marvelous Designer 6.5: Making a Sci Fi Overall


In this, real-time, 3+ hour tutorial, I am going through the process of creating a sci-fi overall from scratch in Marvelous Designer 6.5

The tutorial is split into 14 chapters for easy navigation and it is appropriate for intermediate to advanced users of Marvelous Designer.

The goal is to show how to approach visible problems on the fly, as they appear, and to eliminate the natural fear many artists get because of the complexity of this garment simulation software. The entire process is demonstrated from start to finish.

Topics Covered

  • Using references
  • Thinking process, before and during the creation of the garment
  • Detail layering for complexity
  • Understanding material presets
  • Fold Angle and Strength
  • Secondary detail preview with internal line tools
  • Steam brush
  • Seam Taping

At the end of this tutorial, you will hopefully be able to apply what you’ve learned on your own designs.

[Contents: 14 videos organized as chapters, Reference Picture Collection, Marvelous Designer Scene]


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  • Pretty good and useful but has some flaws

    Your knowledge of Marvelous designer will definitely get a huge boost from watching this, as the author covers many important techniques. There are some minor problems, like for example, even if you follow exactly what she is doing, at some point you will get a different result and you will have no idea what is causing it – could be your mistake, could be difference in program versions or maybe she did something in the sped up parts that you failed to notice. Also, she doesn’t cover every feature of the program. So if you are looking for the ONE tutorial to rule them all, this is not it. I would recommend this for beginner or intermediate users of Marvelous designer, but not for someone looking to know every aspect of the program in detail.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Great intermediate tutorial just shy of greatness

    This is a great intermediate tutorial going over intermediate / advanced workflows in MD and covering quite a few tools and techniques. I enjoyed it overall and learned a lot. However I do feel the author glosses at times over important parts, assuming you already know what she’s doing or that because you saw it once you don’t need further explanation / clarification.
    Specifically there are many parts where the video is sped up and you are at a loss as to what exactly she’s doing. I found myself having to rewind and pause the video many times just to see what button she pressed or tool she used. I also felt there was some in-depth information missing where you are using a tool or process but the author does not go into the explanation of why or how it works.
    This would have gotten 5 stars had the author been a bit more patient, gone over the details of what she was doing more, explaining why she was using a specific tool or process instead of ‘just do this’ and not sped up the video. Also the tutorial time is wrongly claimed to be 4h35m when in reality it is less than 3 hours. Still lots of valuable info here.

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