Marvelous Designer 6.5: Making a Surgical Mask

Marvelous Designer 6.5: Making a Surgical Mask

DURATION: 40-minute

In this 40 minute tutorial, I am going through the process of demonstrating my techniques on how to build a Surgical Mask from scratch in Marvelous Designer 6.5

What is unique about this tutorial is that some instances that produce an undesirable or “broken” result are not edited out – but treated as natural problems that arise when creating content with simulation software such as this. Then steps are taken to troubleshoot and correct those problems. This demonstrates that in the majority of the cases, mistakes or unexpected results are bound to happen and what is my thinking process to overcome them.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to go about constructing your garment from a reference photo.
  • Different techniques to create more appealing pleats
  • Many tips for a faster workflow inside Marvelous Designer
[Contents: 40-minute Video Tutorial, Reference Image, Marvelous Designer Scene]

More Training

If you are completely new to Marvelous Designer I would recommend going for Marvelous Designer 6: Making A Jacket From Scratch Tutorial instead.


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