Marvelous Designer & Substance Painter Course : 10 Realistic Face Mask Tutorial

Marvelous Designer & Substance Painter course : 10 Realistic Face Mask Tutorial

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In this tutorial, you will learn step by step how to create a face mask in Marvelous Designer, and then create materials for it in Substance Painter

This course is 6 hours and 12 minutes, and fully explains all the tips and tricks for making a mask in Marvelous Designer, as well as tips and tricks for making smart materials for masks in Substance Painter.

This tutorial is for beginners and intermediate people, but if you are just starting to work with these softwares, you will still be able to move forward with the tutorial, because in each video, the tutorial is fully recorded and without any omissions.


The softwares used in this tutorial, are Marvelous Designer version 9.5, and Substance Painter version 6.1.2.

The language of this tutorial is English & all videos have English subtitles.


This course includes 10 face masks, & the masks are:

  • 1_Surgical face mask
  • 2_Homemade face mask3
  • 3_Face mask with filter
  • 4_Face mask with eye shield
  • 5_Face mask with plastic mouth
  • 6_Sports face mask
  • 7_Lace face mask
  • 8_Multi-layered face mask
  • 9_Leather face mask
  • 10_Sports anti-pollution face mask

In addition to this tutorial, we also provide you with the resources, & they include all Marvelous Designer files, along with OBJ files and textures, as well as all SPP files, & you can download them and Use for your projects, and change them to your liking.

Included files (for Marvelous Designer):

  • – Marvelous Designer file ( a-pose, no topstitch )
  • – Include Raw .OBJ (thick)
  • – Include textures : .EXR ( 4098*4098 )


  • No retopology
  • Matrics(cm)
  • Created with Marvelous Designer 9.5
  • UV Mapped
  • Polygonal Geometry


You can understand our drawing process in Substance painter through these files, and you can also output these textures for rendering exercises.


Product Includes (for Substance Painter):

Substance Painter File .SPP

Marmoset toolbag .MVIEW


You can output

  • Baked Maps  (Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Material ID, Normal, World Normal, Position,)
  • Texture Maps .TIF (Base Color, Normal, AORM)
  • Static Mesh .FBX
  • Stencils .JPG
  • Smart Materials .SPSM


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