Medieval Prison Cells

Game ready models .The model contains lods, detailed information on the images.Stylized and detailed Iron and Wooden Prison Cages fully textured, sculpted and rendered with Physical based rendering (PBR) – Shown images have been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag .
High Quality textures (PBR).
Textures 4096×4096 (tga)
– Metallic
– Normal (DirectX)
– Color
– Roughness
– AO
Polycount(Iron Prison Cage)
– Verts: 3672(LOD0),3672(LOD1),3608(LOD2),2316(LOD3).
– Edges: 6896(LOD0),6040(LOD1),5396(LOD2),4435(LOD3).
– Faces: 3448(LOD0),2592(LOD1),2012(LOD2),2343(LOD3).
– Tris: 6848(LOD0),5136(LOD1),3720(LOD2),2345(LOD3).
Polycount(Wooden Prison Cage)
– Verts: 8000(LOD0),5366(LOD1),3869(LOD2),1249(LOD3).
– Edges: 16799(LOD0),13277(LOD1),8628(LOD2),1757(LOD3).
– Faces: 9027(LOD0),8139(LOD1),5018(LOD2),782(LOD3).
– Tris: 13056(LOD0),8811(LOD1),5440(LOD2),1078(LOD3).
File formats: -Fbx(Binary) 2019 -Fbx(ASCII) 2019 -Maya 2019

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