Medieval Wooden Fort Castle Constructor

Game ready models.Stylized and detailed Medieval Wooden Fort Constructor fully textured, sculpted and rendered with Physical based rendering (PBR) – Shown images have been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag .The models contains lods, detailed information on the images. The kit contains 39 models to create a modular fort-fortress. The kit contains different types of walls to build, a gate, a tower with and without a roof, an overpass, stairs, a door, wooden boards and logs.

High Quality textures (PBR).

Textures 4096×4096 (tga) (13 UV Maps)

  • Metallic
  • Normal (DirectX)
  • Color
  • Roughness
  • AO

Polycount (Lookout Tower)

  • Verts: 7675(LOD0),4330(LOD1),2498(LOD2).
  • Edges: 14907(LOD0),11731(LOD1)6773(LOD2).
  • Faces: 7640(LOD0),7793(LOD1),4495(LOD2).
  • Tris: 14390 (LOD0),7828(LOD1),4524(LOD2).

Polycount (FortWall)

  • Verts: 233(LOD0),167(LOD1),104(LOD2).
  • Edges: 482(LOD0),467(LOD1)278(LOD2).
  • Faces: 255(LOD0),306(LOD1),180(LOD2).
  • Tris: 438 (LOD0),310(LOD1),184(LOD2).

Polycount (Fort Wall Corner)

  • Verts: 306(LOD0),217(LOD1),150(LOD2).
  • Edges: 626(LOD0),605(LOD1)404(LOD2).
  • Faces: 330(LOD0),398(LOD1),264(LOD2).
  • Tris: 576 (LOD0),402(LOD1),268(LOD2).

Polycount (Fort Tower with Roof)

  • Verts: 8012(LOD0),4926(LOD1),2583(LOD2).
  • Edges: 15498(LOD0),13166(LOD1)6706(LOD2).
  • Faces: 7983(LOD0),8739(LOD1),4435(LOD2).
  • Tris: 15002(LOD0),8830(LOD1),4518(LOD2).

Polycount (Fort Tower Roofless )

  • Verts: 4699(LOD0),3304(LOD1),2592(LOD2).
  • Edges: 9198(LOD0),9110(LOD1)6784(LOD2).
  • Faces: 4731(LOD0),6038(LOD1),4425(LOD2).
  • Tris: 8910(LOD0),6120(LOD1),2696(LOD2).

Polycount (Fort Wall Gates)

  • Verts: 824(LOD0),544(LOD1),348(LOD2).
  • Edges: 1700(LOD0),1524(LOD1)936(LOD2).
  • Faces: 900(LOD0),1004(LOD1),612(LOD2).
  • Tris: 1568(LOD0),1016(LOD1),624(LOD2).

Polycount (Ladder)

  • Verts: 2476(LOD0),1663(LOD1),905(LOD2).
  • Edges: 4993(LOD0),4864(LOD1)2589(LOD2).
  • Faces: 2551(LOD0),3235(LOD1),1719(LOD2).
  • Tris: 4884(LOD0),3258(LOD1),1742(LOD2).

Polycount (Wall with Staircase)

  • Verts: 1041(LOD0),646(LOD1),508(LOD2).
  • Edges: 2204(LOD0),1773(LOD1)1359(LOD2).
  • Faces: 1208(LOD0),1172(LOD1),896(LOD2).
  • Tris: 1972(LOD0),1186(LOD1),910(LOD2).

Polycount (Elevated Bridge)

  • Verts: 7001(LOD0),4549(LOD1),2399(LOD2).
  • Edges: 13569(LOD0),11886(LOD1)6342(LOD2).
  • Faces: 7099(LOD0),7856(LOD1),4216(LOD2).
  • Tris: 12928(LOD0),8048(LOD1),4240(LOD2).

File formats: -Fbx(Binary) 2019 -Fbx(ASCII) 2019 -Maya 2019

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