Medieval Wooden Tower With Roof

 Game ready models.Stylized and detailed Wooden Towers fully textured, sculpted and rendered with Physical based rendering (PBR) – Shown images have been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag .The models contains lods, detailed information on the images.The set contains 3 variations of the wooden tower, which differ from each other in the location and number of doors.

High Quality textures (PBR).

Textures 4096×4096 (tga) (10 uv maps)

– Metallic

– Normal (DirectX)

– Color

– Roughness

– AO

Polycount(Wooden Tower with 2 Doors on Corner)

– Verts: 8012(LOD0),4926(LOD1),2583(LOD2).

– Edges: 15498(LOD0),13166(LOD1),6706(LOD2).

– Faces: 7983(LOD0),8739(LOD1),4435(LOD2).

– Tris: 15002 (LOD0),8830(LOD1),4518(LOD2).

Polycount(Wooden Tower with One Door)

– Verts: 7642(LOD0),4744(LOD1),2512(LOD2).

– Edges: 14844(LOD0),12828(LOD1),6653(LOD2).

– Faces: 7651(LOD0),8522(LOD1),4408(LOD2).

– Tris: 14362 (LOD0),8590(LOD1),4470(LOD2).

Polycount(Wooden Tower with Doors on Front and Back walls)

– Verts: 8012(LOD0),4701(LOD1),2887(LOD2).

– Edges: 15498(LOD0),12506(LOD1),7611(LOD2).

– Faces: 7983(LOD0),8299(LOD1),5038(LOD2).

– Tris: 15002 (LOD0),8388(LOD1),5120(LOD2).

File formats: -Fbx(Binary) 2019 -Fbx(ASCII) 2019 -Maya 2019

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