Mediterranean Forest

Mediterranean Forest

Realistic Environment but not limited to a European and Mediterranean aspect.

Collection of pines and trees different from each other and with a variety of optimizations to choose from.

Complete photogrammetry collection of trees, plants, rocks, cliffs, and water with advanced landscape material.

Full level optimized with Virtual Texture.

With an average equipment like an i7 4790k 32GB GTX970 get 39 to 60 FPS.

The image captures shown in the “OpenWorlds” pack indicate the SCENE that each capture is about. This pack has the ambience of SCENE 3 of the “OpenWorlds” pack, but does not contain the abandoned and ruined house and not contain Cypress tree pack and It may have some small variation in the content of the plants displayed in the captures of that pack.


  • Collision interactive
  • Wind per Vertex paint.
  • Procedural forest generation
  • Automatic Grass
  • Tessellation and Displacemnt Map in Cliffs Mountains.
  • 1 Alpha Brushe for sculpt landscape
  • Road Spline Landscape.
  • 1 Landscape Auto Material with 8 layers. Slope based
  • High resolution photogrammetry.
  • Cliffs: 7, add 2 Cliffs Mountains
  • Blueprints Splines: 1
  • Lods wirh Billboards.
  • Vertex Paint based in 4 layers
  • Grunge option in all objects, not in foliage.
  • 1 Level sample, with 39 to 60 FPS in I-4790K 32Gb Ram and GTX 970

Meshes: 133

Collision: Yes: custom, automatically generated and per-poly

Vertex Count: 63.252 (PowerPole)

LODs: 3 To 5. Billboards in all trees and some plants.

Materials: 11 materials and 1 Advanced Landscape Material

Material Functions:5

Material Parameter Collection: 1

Material Instances: 141

Number of Textures:233

Texture Resolutions: 256×256 to 8192×8192 (Cliffs)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: An illustration with basic procedures is included in the “tutorial” folder within the project

Support: [email protected]

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