Ming Vase

This model is a high quality replica of a blue and white porcelain Ming vase made during the reign of China’s Xuande Emperor (1426-35). The original vase, which had been used as an umbrella stand by its previous owner, sold in a 2016 auction in Hong Kong for US$20,000,000. The four characters on the vase explicitly detail its age, stating that it was made under the reign of the Xuande Emperor. The five-clawed dragon, being a symbol of the emperor, indicates that it was specifically made for the emperor.

It has clean quad-polygon geometry with seamless textures and is modelled to scale, with the original vase being 48.4 cm high. The 4K textures make it suitable for close-up renders.

– High polygon vase (fbx): 8,066 vertices / 8,128 polygons.
– High polygon base (fbx): 6,449 vertices / 6,582 polygons.
– Low polygon vase (fbx): 4,418 vertices / 4,480 polygons.
– Low polygon base (fbx): 1,676 vertices / 1,740 polygons.
– 14, 4096 x 4096 textures (tif), including diffuse, normal, specular roughness, height.
– Two texture options for the base (rosewood and black lacquer) and two texture options for the vase (original blue design, and optional orange).
– Maya 2020/Arnold 6 scene files (.mb and .ma) with textures node network.
– Cinema 4D R18 scene file (.c4d) with textures added.

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