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Hey Tutorial heads – this time we are making a game-asset (an optimized mesh rendered in real-time).

We will start from scratch and create a high resolution Sub-D model first. Afterwards we will transform it into an optimized game mesh and create some UVs. Then I will show you how to create amazing textures in Substance Painter and render our crate in real-time using Marmoset Toolbag.

We even make a little holographic animation at the end to make our asset more interesting.


  • Using SubD modeling to create the High Resolution model.
  • Converting out High Poly model into a Game-ready mesh.
  • UV Mapping and getting the most out of our UV space.
  • Baking Normal Maps with Substance Painter.
  • Adding Textures and Decals with Substance Painter
  • Using Marmoset Toolbag to Render out Sci-Fi Crate in realtime.
  • Making a Holographic Animation inside of Toolbag.


  • Duration: Over 10 hours of video recordings.
  • Speed: The entire tutorial runs at normal speed. No time-lapses or accelerated video.
  • Audio Commentary: Real-time commentary for everything (English).
  • Software used: Maya (Modeling), Substance Painter (Baking and Texturing), Marmoset Toolbag (Real-time Rendering).
  • Additional Assets: Final Marmoset Toolbag scene including the Crate and all necessary textures.

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