Modeling Hub Tool





This script was created to speed up your modeling pipeline combining some very useful functions and actions for your modeling process. It can be used durign Hard Surface Modeling but also with Character Retopology.



  • Modeling_Hub Script (.py File)
  • Installation and Functions Tutorial Video
  • Quick Start File named “How_To_Run.txt”
  • Future Updates with new Features



The main GUI is subdivided in Categories:

  • On top you find Save Functions.
  • Modeling Functions.
  • Normals Functions.

Save Functions:

With this Functions you will be able to Set a custom path to save your project files and save different files extension simultaneously using checkboxes (.ma , .mb , .obj).

If you click on Set Path Button the script will open an Open Dialog Window with which you can set a custom path. To avoid losing data, if you don’t set a path the script automatically set a _Temp path inside the … maya \ 2019 \scripts \ Modeling_HUB_Script \ _Temp



  • Match Piv: Select a Driver and a Driven objects and press this button to copy the Pivot from the first to the second mesh. (Son gain the Pivot from the Father).
  • Edge Flow: Select one or several loops in Edge Selection Mode and press this button to get an equal distance between each edge loop.
  • Harden Edge Selection: Press this button to select all the Harden Edge of the selected mesh.
  • Reset to World: Select every kind of object (mesh,group,nurbs…) and press this button to Delete History, Freeze Transformations and set Pivot to World Center [0,0,0].
  • Reset to Object: Select every kind of object (mesh,group,nurbs…) and press this button to Delete History, Freeze Transformations and set Pivot to Object Center [0,0,0].


  • Normals Reset: Select a mesh a press this button to apply a Set Vertex Normal, Set to Face (Unlock) , Set to Face (Match), Set to Face (Unlock) and completely Reset your Mesh Normals.
  • Normals Reset Soften/Harden: This button Reset the Normals as the previous one but also add a Soften/Harden with 45 Degree.
  • Normal Transfer: Select the Mesh with the desired Normals and the target and press this button to Transfer Normal info from the desired to the target. Remember that the two mesh need to be overlapped if you want to freeze them before apply this transfer.

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