Modeling in Blender

Modeling in Blender

Hello and welcome!

Long time in the making, I’m happy to bring you this!

The Course

In this modeling course, I’m going to take you through several models from start to finish, as well as introduce you to a bunch of modeling techniques that Blender has to offer. We will be modeling props, with a bit of a mix between organic and hard surface. If you like environment art and props, that’s great! If you’re more of a character artist, this may still help you with certain parts of that.

This tutorial is about modeling in general and the techniques you’ll learn will be useful no matter the industry you’re in or trying to get into.

It’s in real time with commentary all throughout.

A couple of parts are sped up and one small part skipped, but only after showing you how it’s done first.

Who is it for?

Ideally you know a little about 3D and looking to expand your knowledge. Perhaps you want to make the jump to Blender from another software, or want to learn an extra thing or two about modeling and speed up your workflow.

New to 3D? I do go through introducing you to Blender and start very simple before ramping it up. It may be enough for some, but I wouldn’t call this a complete beginner’s guide to modeling in Blender. However, if you would happen to run into trouble, I’m here!


  • Quick intro to Blender. Going through the UI and navigation, so if it’s your first time in Blender, you’ll get to know your way around a little.
  • Modeling techniques. Almost an hour and a half of going through different modeling techniques and tools to introduce you to what we’ll be using throughout the tutorial and much more.
  • Modeling a stone lantern from start to finish, the one seen in the gallery, marked A. Something easy to start with.
  • Modeling a tsuba (hand guard of katana) from start to finish, marked 1 in the gallery. Getting more complex, using more of what Blender has to offer.
  • Modeling a tsuba from start to finish, marked 5 in the gallery. Getting more complicated, we’re going to use one of my favorite tools in Blender – the grease pencil, to draw out more complex shapes.
  • Modeling the rest of the katana. Now that we have a few hand guards, we’ll be making the rest of the katana. Again from start to finish, we’ll create every detail from scratch.
  • Bonus chapter. I’ll be talking through the rest of the models seen in the gallery (2, 3, 4 and B, C) and why they didn’t make it into the tutorial, as well as general thoughts about approaching different models.

All the models seen in the gallery are included, with some extras too.



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  • Fun but challenging tutorial.

    Iv just finished modeling the first Suba, and I will say I don’t fully understand the theory and stuff behind the modeling decisions yet, but that’ll come over time and after making more progress.

    I really liked the early videos that did a quick run down off a bunch of modeling tools, especially because there were a few that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

    Others were saying audio was low quality, I found it ok, the only probably I myself found, was the parts that were sped up, I had to constantly pause to follow along at those parts, and other than repeating what was done, I didn’t completely understand the reasons behind some of the decisions.

    That might just be me being a slower learner, and that also requires more explanation to fully understand things, but I would prefer if there was no fast forwards.

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    • Hi there,

      Thank you for the kind review.

      It can really be a lot, I understand. Some things will come with time and practice and some, but not all, questions can be answered with a tutorial like this one. You have a good attitude, understanding it’s part of a long process of learning.

      Since you have areas that you found tough, very likely mostly just because of my explanation or speeding things up, get in touch via e-mail. I’ll gladly make an extra chapter or help you deal with the issues you’re having.

      I’m learning as a creator of these courses as well.



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  • Really useful tutorial, let down by bad audio.

    This tutorial series offers lots of really useful tips and tricks when it comes to modelling. Beginners, intermediate users, and experts are bound to find little tricks sprinkled throughout to add to their own workflows. For the price you pay, the value of this course is terrific. And the final results are really beautiful.

    My one big complaint is the quality of the audio. It is really low quality and sounds really tinny. I was having to rewind the videos quite regularly to pick up what being said which became frustrating and interrupted the flow of the videos.

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    • Hey,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!

      It seems to be a recurring issue, the sound. I was hoping this time it’s better after speaking more clearly and doing quite a bit of editing on audio to make it sound better. Could be I’m messing up the exports or the recording is just not good enough.
      I did check on my own system and VLC at 100% with windows sound at 25% had more than enough volume for me, but that will differ a lot for everyone. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and apologies for the trouble you had to go through.

      To avoid this issue going forward, I’ll be getting a new microphone and get some research done about audio editing and exports.

      Glad to hear you found the tutorial useful!

      All the best,

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