Modeling in Maya: Base Mesh

Welcome to my Modeling in Maya series.

Here you will find the assets which will allow you to follow my Modeling In Maya series and build your own female base mesh.

Just like with my Rigging In Maya series, I wanted to take things back to basics as I go through each element separately, so you get a clearer understanding of the whole modeling process.

This Pack Includes

  • * The main models sheets to work from
  • * All the models at each stage of the course
  • * The final model, fully UV mapped
  • * The final model, fully rigged with a facial rig
  • * A walk, jog and run cycle for you to experiment with

The Videos Cover

  • Polygon Fundamentals
  • Scene & Shader Setup
  • Torso & Limb Blocking
  • Hand, Foot & Head Blocking
  • Torso Detail – First Pass
  • Arm Detail – First Pass
  • Leg & Foot Detail – First Pass
  • Head & Face Detail – First Pass
  • Second Detail Pass
  • Deformation Testing
  • UV Mapping

antCGi Club Members also get access to exclusive, members only videos as part of this series.

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