Modeling & Sculpting a Dinosaur

Modeling & Sculpting a Dinosaur

Trailer shows the full bundle – this specific product focuses only on the modeling

Learn how to sculpt and model a dinosaur using industry proven techniques. You’ll get a solid understanding of how to design the dinosaur, doing incredible details, retopology and posing it.

Start to Finish

Covering all the steps from starting the dinosaur to finishing it up. We go through concept sculpting, refining and getting the shapes right, making alphas and hand sculpting details, retopology and finaly posing the dinosaur.

Incredible Details

You’ll learn how to make incredible details by making your own custom skin alphas, combined with sculpting by hand. When making a dinosaur, getting the scales and skin right is really important and you’ll learn awesome techniques for getting there!

Your Teacher

Rowena Frenzel is a freelance character artist from Germany who specializes in creating colorful and fun creatures in 3D. She’s very passionate about teaching, which you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing in this course!

Texturing Series and Full Bundle

Tools Used

Note: A basic understanding of the software listed below is required to take this course.

  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • 3dCoat
  • Photoshop


  • 15 video files in HD
  • 6 Hours 20 Minutes of video
  • Study sessions

Chapter List

00 – Overview
01 – References
02 – Blockout
03 – Overpainting
04 – Layer Sculpting – Part 1
04 – Layer Sculpting – Part 2
04 – Layer Sculpting Part 3
05 – Creating Alphas
06 – Details Part 1
06 – Details Part 2
06 – Details Part 3
07 – Retopology – Part 1
07 – Retopology Part 2
08 – Posing
09 – Set Ideas


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