Modular Sci-fi Hangars Location

High quality modular Sci-Fi Hangars Location (floor tiles, exterior end interior wall tiles, cliffs, heli pad, props, etc..)

Package Contains

  • Unreal Engine project (4.20 engine version)
  • Unity project (5.5.4p4 engine version)
  • Models exported as FBX (2012).

Unity users: color masking shader optimized for standard rendering pipeline only, not HDRP/LWRP.

This asset is optimized and hand tweaked. The textures looks amazing and super realistic, tuned for Physically-Based Rendering. Asset contains demo location of hangars and space base facilities.

Triangles count: 78 911 tris

Asset has 29 textures sets both resolutions from 1024*1024 to 4096*4096 pixels. Some meshes have coloring masks for tuning their primary colors.

Following textures included

  • diffuse
  • normal map
  • illumination
  • roughness
  • metalness maps

Pivots placed in logic places of geometry.

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