Modular Vintage American Diner Asset Pack Blender FBX UE4

You get: UE4 project files + Blender files & textures + FBX files & textures
(FBX were exported out of Blender)
Modular architectural assets so that you can create a diner of any size! The walls, windows, and the roofs snap together easily allowing you to freely create at your own desire!
The entire theme color of the diner can be changed with a single color input from a master material function. Individual props to have unique colors as well (for example red walls, blue stools, green tables, etc..)!
The doors are interactable and can be opened and closed!. You can turn individual lights on and off as well! (basic UE4 interaction system)
Interior furniture and props include:
– stool
– booth
– chair
– rectangular table
– round table
– eating counters
– kitchen steel counters
– kitchen appliances (refrigerator/oven/blender/coffee machine)
– a jukebox
– light fixtures
– architecture (walls/roof/windows)
– a variety of small props to bring your scene to life such as kitchen utensils (fork, spoon, mug, plates etc…) and wall decorations
Textures are provided in 4K for all objects of all sizes to give you the choice whether to mipmap down to a lower resolution or not, depending on your needs.
UE4 project includes a daytime map and a nighttime map. Renders are all inside UE4 in real-time. Two Blender screenshots are Cycles, one is viewport display.
For Blender I suggest limiting viewport texture resolution for performance (depending on your system specs).
– Fully modular and vintage American diner set with interactions!
– Create a diner any size you want with any theme color!
– Suitable for games, movies, AR and VR!
Number of Unique Meshes: 68
Collision: Yes, automatically generated.
Vertex Count: Average vertex count is 1400, average triangle count is 2000. triangles range between as low as 2 to ~17k (only the jukebox has 17k tris) everything else is below 5k and only 3 objects are between 6-9k tris so everything is considered low poly and suitable for games.
LODs: None
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8 master materials and 47 material instances
Number of Textures: 120 textures
Texture Resolutions: Basecolor, normal and AORM textures are all either 4096×4096 or 2048×4096, high resolution was given for all objects of any size to provide you with the choice of downscaling through mipmaps
Mask maps range between 512 and up to 2048
Channel packed Roughness, Metalness, and Ambient Occlusion into one texture (AORM)
(although made on version 4.26 it doesn’t have any unique features specific to this version as far as I’m aware, so should be compatible with at least 4.20 up to 4.26 and beyond, you can easily upgrade the project to UE5)
If you have any questions feel free to ask on the page here or through my personal e-mail [email protected]

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