modeling & rendering in blender

texturing in substance painter

20k vertices 38k triangles

FBX OBJ .blend (no smoke or lighting. just materials)

base color, normal map(open gl), metallic, roughness, mask map(unity hdrp(substance default settings)), opacity, emissive

MP5_4.0x Flip Hybrid 2048*2048

MP5_4.0x Flip Hybrid lens 512*512

MP5ScopeMagnifier 3x G33 2048*2048

MP5ScopeMagnifier 3x G33 lens 512*512

MP5BarrelFPS mini 2048*2048

MP5MagazineSTANAG 50 Rnd Drum 2048*2048

MP5_MainBody 4096*4096

MP5SilencerNavy MP5N 9mm Suppressor 1024*1024

MP5StockClassic straight line_ plastic_black 2048*2048

MP5_Underbarrel (Merc ForeGrip) 1024*1024

I separated lens objects and material. now you can add shader to it

all textures are png

you can check UV in covers

Message me if you have any questions or problems. I will try my best to answer quickly

I have put a folder inside the files that may solve some of your possible problems, please read it

you can download the silencer for Quality testing


I hope you like it

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