MR Mannequins Tools

Mr Mannequins Tools is a Blender add-on that exports animations and weighted meshes that are directly compatible with the third person mannequin in Unreal Engine, without re-targeting anything… As if that wasn’t useful enough, it also has several mannequin themed template meshes and armatures that are ready for you to animate and block out your projects with!

This is a free project so please do not anticipate dedicated individual help unless you are supporting me financially. I will help where i can but only when i have the time.

This add-on is what it is, tools for working with the UE4 mannequin from Blender. 

You can import mannequin animations/meshes, edit them and send them straight back to where they came from as smoothly as possible. 

As of update 1.4.0 i have refactored Mr Mannequins Tools into being purely animation ready mannequin templates and my own import/export logic.

Join Mr Mannequins Army on Discord for Blender to Unreal help.

You can get it for free commercially on Gumroad! Donations appreciated.

But really you should support me on Patreon for early access and dedicated support!

There is also a Github Repository, just read the readme if you go here please.

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Any/all applicable licenses should be contained within the download.

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