Natural Pack Unreal Engine 4

All assets are created on the basis of high quality photo scans of real objects. Pack includes 7 trees, 4 rocks, 5 grass and LODs setup
I hope this pack will be useful to you 😀


Number of Unique Meshes: 16

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Triangle Count:


SM_Tree_01: LOD0-40890, LOD1-21320, LOD2-9427

SM_Tree_02: LOD0-46917, LOD1-24122, LOD2-11932

SM_Tree_03: LOD0-33708,LOD1-18113, LOD2-11945

SM_Tree_04: LOD0-8848, LOD1-4704, LOD2-2309

SM_Tree_05: LOD0-28274, LOD1-17407, LOD2-9342

SM_Tree_06: LOD0-20684, LOD1-8735, LOD2-5637

SM_Tree_07: LOD0-33209, LOD1-17480, LOD2-11385


SM_Rock_01: LOD0-2363, LOD1-1176, LOD2-585, LOD3-289

SM_Rock_02: LOD0-1532, LOD1-995, LOD2-699, LOD3-328

SM_Rock_03: LOD0-3702, LOD1-1841, LOD2-918, LOD3-411

SM_Rock_04: LOD0-4706, LOD1-2347, LOD2-1192, LOD3-670

Grass:(No LODs)

SM_Grass_01: 259

SM_Grass_02: 443

SM_Grass_03: 371

SM_Grass_04: 938

SM_Grass_05: 2283

LODs: Yes(Grass NO)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 35

Number of Textures: 92

Texture Resolutions: 4k

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