Nina – Blender Rig

Nina is a Blender rig, ready to be animated.

She includes animation friendly controllers and pickers, FK/IK switch and snap, clothes and hair variations, easy color modification.

The new version includes two controlers for smile. One is rig based, the other one is blendshape based.

Nina is available for Blender 2.8.


What’s in the zip file:

You’ll have 2 addons included, and

One blend file with materials ready for eevee (and working for Cycle as well).


To enjoy all functionalities, install the addons and unless you already owned the autorig pro addon. Installing autorig pro and at the same time will cause problems.

Be sure you have checked the Auto Run Python Scripts in User Preferences/Files.

You can now append Nina in your scene.


You can enable the mask for the body corresponding to the clothes. However, be aware that this will increase the ftp rate.

Non Commercial license:

Educational, non-commercial use only. You are allowed to use these rigs on your animation reel or portfolio.

Licenses are for a single user. Only the buyer can use the downloaded files, please refrain from sharing or distributing them in any way.

Commercial license:

You can use Nina rig for your commercial project, as long as you don’t resell it, or claim it you own.

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