Nipple Brush + Bonus Piercing IMM!

Sometimes you just need to add nipples to your model, and fast. With this titillating brush pack, you have nipples any time, for any sculpt!

But wait, there’s more! This pack also includes a bonus nipple piercing IMM brush for when you want to spice things up!

This brush pack includes two brushes:

Nipple Brush

  • This vector displacement brush includes 6 unique and highly detailed gender-neutral nipples that you can easily add to any project
  • It also included a bonus piercing hole for a total of 7 VDM’s in one brush!

Bonus! – Nipple Piercing Brush

  • This IMM brush included 4 nipple piercings you can add to your models!

Works with Zbrush 2018

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  • The Pictures Don't Do Them Justice...

    Out of context, the pictures just look like weird lumps, but once you see them on an actual character, they look really good. I used to think if my character needed a nipple, I could just make a circle, with a smaller circle inside, and BOOM! Nipples… But comparing that nonsense, to these masterfully crafted nipples, it makes a huge difference in the realism of a character. On the surface, brushes like these might seem awkward and unnecessary, but in my opinion, it’s like the first time you realize what a “skin” brush can do. Why use a skin brush? Skin is basically smooth, so perfectly smooth meshes will look fine, right? (At least when you’re starting out) BUT! Once you see the added texture that a brush like this can add, and see the realism come to life, it makes models look significantly more realistic, and significantly more professional, and literally only takes 1-2 seconds to add to your character. For that reason, I’ll highly recommend these. The piercings are very low poly, so look kind of weird if you don’t increase their resolution (which is easy to do, and unnecessary depending on your intended use), but as an overall package, I’m definitely happy with the purchase.

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