Noa Armchair By Amura

Designed by Stefano Bigi

Softness is the main feature of NOA, the armchair blossoming like a fleshy flower with essential lines. Soft is the generous seat, so full and florid that embodies the very concept of comfort. Soft is the sinuous lines of the ergonomic back frame, seemingly as delicate as a petal, but actually, a solid shell that can encase the substantial dimensions of the seat, and give stability to the whole structure.

It’s a game of joints and volumes, of full and empty, taking shape with NOA, which translates in an irresistible invitation to lay back. Ready to fit into any kind of ambient, from the living room to the bedroom, to lounges of strong personality, NOA is available as a single or double seat and is made even more versatile by the possibility to match the leatherback frame with cushions both in leather or fabric.

Stack is open

Turbo smooth :

Iterations: 0

Render iters: 2

Who works with V-Ray version lower than 3.1, pay attention to materials section BRDF (Microfaset GTR (GGX)), if your version is older than 3.1 – this section will be empty, and you have to choose: Blinn, Ward or Phong, d dependence on material “.


length: 63 cm

width: 75 cm

Height: 80cm

The number of polygons and vertices:

Polygons: 28,312

Vertices: 41,161

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