Old Library Pack – 20 Models PBR

Hello there!

This is my Old Library pack of models. With this pack you will get exactly:

-20 models with a subdivision mesh ready and a setup as an example, among them: a set of cabinets; a cage; a chair; a chandelier; a door; a jar; an open book; papers/map; a book pedestal; an old pen; pillars; planks; two bookcases; a stair; tree tables; a window; and a tablet setup as an example.
-All the PBR textures of the 20 models;
-Blender scene with all 20 models, with all the textures set to go (sRGB) and the render setup with 2 lights and a HDRI.
-Every model will be available as a .obj file in case you don’t work/use Blender, along with all the texture files as said, for you to set up any model anywhere.

You will receive the file: Old_Library_Pack.rar, inside you will find the following folders:

-BLENDER_FILES: a scene with everything, and a backup.
-IMAGES: two HDRI that I used and tested to render the samples for this pack. -MODELS: 20 .obj files.
-TEX: Folders of every model name_of_object_maps, as an example, with every texture inside which one.
-Read_me.txt: an explanation similar to this one about the folders and a thank you note 🙂

If you have any questions about it, just get in touch and I will answer.

Thank you for your time, Ricardo Abrantes.


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