Orchid Drone V6 – PBR – Animated

This is a game ready,low-poly model of a Biopunk Hybrid Spider walker / Tank unit with a different texture and a biological expression.
It is a part of a larger pack, but ,for now ONLY THIS ONE HERE is animated as an independant,solo asset.

To see animations loops please head here


Regardless, Here is the link to the pack ,i case you are interested in all 10 drone`s models/designs: https://flippednormals.com/downloads/10-drones-orchid-pack-lowpoly-pbr/

You can use it for a game,animation,practice,or you can rip it apart and build a completely different ship,using its parts. It is compatible for use on any platform out there, including AR/VR/XR, Mobile, PC and Consoles

Original scene is in Blender. Besides that,it also comes in classic OBJ ,gltf and FBX formats. There are Five 4K texture files in .PNG format (diffuse/emissive/specular/gloss/normal) Plus One PBR TGA with Alpha for Unity. Original sculpt made in Zbrush

Animations frames(fourteen animations included): Walk 10 – 60 Idle 80 – 220 Big Shot 240 – 400 WoundedCrawl 420 – 480 Turn right 500 – 600 Turn Left 620 – 720 Walk Back 740 – 790 Strafe Left 810 – 860 Strafe Right 880 – 930 Shoot Array 950 – 1050 Shoot normal 1070- 1090 Hit General 1110- 1125 Jump 1145- 1175 Death 1200- 1250

For any additional info,feel free to contact me.

Other places to find me: http://linktr.ee/IgorPuskaric

Enjoy your model! 🙂

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