Painting Photo Realistic Portrait by Jerry Davos

Do you want to know?
How to make a Realistic Digital Portrait like this ?

This Course will tell you how to paint this painting step by step in a Nondestructive way.

You will learn all about

·         Blocking Out Values

·         Eye Painting

·         Nose Painting

·         Lips Painting

·         Face Shading

·         Gradient Map’s Technique

·         Photoshop’s Multi Document Control

·         Depth Of Field Effect

·         How to Identify features that make the painting disproportionate and fixing them in liquify

·         Coloring

·         Skin Texturing

·         Lips Texturing

·         Eye Texturing

·         Eyebrows and Hair Painting

·         Final Touch Ups

You will also get:

·         Layered wise Break downed PSD File of the Portrait

·         My Latest Tool Preset of Basic Brushes for portrait

·         Brushes “.ABR” files used in the portrait

·         Reference and sketches

The Above List is divided in 5 Parts as follows:

PART_1.MP4 :

·         Posterize Theory – Short explanation on fundamental technique on how to start the painting

·         Blocking Out Values – Painting the values for a head start

·         Eye Painting

·         Multi Document Control – For easy reference viewing

·         Nose Painting

·         Gradient Map’s Theory – Secret to Photorealistic painting

·         Depth Of Field Effect

PART_2.MP4 :

·         Fixing Proportions with Liquify

·         Coloring – Working with blend modes

·         Fixing Values

PART_3.MP4 :

·         Skin Texturing

·         Noise Filter – Procedural Skin Textures

·         Median

PART_4.MP4 :

·         Lips Texturing

·         Hand Details

·         Eye Details

PART_5.MP4 :

·         Eyebrows

·         Eyelashes

·         Hair

·         Hair Strands

·         Finalizing

·         Credits:

Instagram :  @jerry_davos

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