Pavel – Character Illustration Source Files


I’am making the source files (Blender and Photoshop) of Pavel available to you. It can be used to study my work, grabbing assets and materials for your projects or whatever else you want.

The model/scene consists of around 12.2 million faces.

Note that you will get a .blend file that you can open in Blender and a .psd/.psb file which you can open in Photoshop. I’ve used Photoshop 22.4.3 and Blender 3.3.

Due to the complexity of the scene, I recommend at least a modern mid range CPU, GPU (with 8GB or more VRAM) and 32GB RAM.
Render preview might take a minute or two to load.

I highly recommend to use Blender 3.2 or above because i make use of the new “Attribute Painting” system.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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