PBR FN FAL Rifle Wood

Created to be used in modern engines with support of Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Detailed Lowpoly model, Real Time Graphics and Virtual Reality

Parts named to easy use, and the model optimized to animation
High quality 2K .png textures
Clean topology only quads/tris and no ngons
Model scaled to approximate real world size
No special plug-ins needed to use this product
Animations, bones, rig and VFX are NOT included
Please note that Ma., fbx., obj., files contains only clear mesh model without textures.
Textures is stored in a separate folders and have to be manually applied
—Model Specifications—
Pivot in center
Rotation = 0 / Scale 1.0 (Centimeters)
Up Axis Y+
All Objects included and linked Materials are:
inner_eject <<< INNER_EJECT
frontal_barrel <<< FRONTAL_BARREL
back_side <<< BACK_SIDE
cartridge_handler <<< CARTRIDGE_HANDLER
body <<< BODY
sighter <<< BACK_SIGTHER
bolts <<< BOLTS
movable_things <<< MOVABLE_THINGS
middle_part <<< MIDDLE_PART
_762full <<< _762COMPLETE
_762bullet <<<_BULLET (optional use)
_762shell <<<_SHELL (optional use)
(12 Meshes in Total)
— Mesh Information —
—Verticies in L1A1_Rifle file : 10628
—Tris in L1A1_Rifle file : 19557
—Verticies in L1A1_Rifle_only file : 10316
—Tris in L1A1_Rifle file_only : 18955
Is provided an alternate model with separated parts for animation purposes
—Texture Information—
Nine texture set’s in L1A1_Rifle_only file
Others two more texture set’s are optional, for the bullet and the empty bullet shell
All textures are in 2K Resolution, in .png files (Can be reduced to fit your needs)
Textures are Divided on Normal PBR and UE4 Packed (Red << Occlusion ) (Blue << Metallic) (Green << Roughness)
—Normal PBR set:
Normal Map
Ambient Occlusion
—UE4 PBR Packed set:
Normal Map
—File formats available:
.MA (native)
.OBJ (with triangulated model)
.FBX ((with triangulated model))
Most of preview images rendered in Substance Painter Viwer ( not Iray render )
Two preview images are inside UE4 Engine

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