PBR Historic Environment Kit

This pack contains 45 unique assets with full sets of individual PBR textures (albedo, normal, roughness, metalness and AO), as well as the full Unity and Unreal Engine projects (with materials setup, example scenes etc.). The pictures listed here are from the Unity example scene, the Unreal project has it’s own setup and examples.

In total this pack contains 174 textures for all the assets. All textures come in 2k and 1k resolution.

The assets in this environment kit are inspired by greek and roman architecture and are intended to build large architectural structures with.

It also comes with some in-engine created assets like a shader for water, worldspace-position shader for tileable ground and some particle effects.

Apart from the unique base assets there are several prefab/blueprint building structures built from the base assets (more structures can be built as well of course).

In each engine project there is one demo scene with lighting and environment built and one overview scene that shows all the assets.


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