PBR Painter 2.2.0 beta has been released! This is an open beta, which means that you will automatically have access to this version if you purchase the addon. Everyone is encouraged to try out the awesome new features in this version, but please be aware that as a beta version, there may be some bugs and/or instability. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you back-up any projects on which you want to try out the new version. If you encounter any bugs, please report them via the Discord Server. Otherwise, enjoy the new features!

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PBR Painter v2.1 is a straightforward yet powerful addon designed to enable quick and easy PBR texture painting within Blender. It uses a layer-based, multichannel painting approach which lets you paint all of the channels of a PBR material (albedo, roughness, displacement, normals, emission etc.) simultaneously. Materials can be created from scratch, by importing pre-made PBR texture maps, and/or by generating procedural textures separately for each channel.

PBR Painter automatically generates and manages complex node setups that allow you to have complete control over every aspect of every channel, allowing you to combine normals of stacked layers, control the opacity of any channel of any layer and much more. This gives you complete freedom over all aspects of the material properties, without ever having to manually create a single node.

Main Features

Appearing in the texture paint tools, PBR Painter has an extremely simple and intuitive layout. The image below shows the primary addon interface:

With its simple interface and powerful under the hood mechanics, the possibilities for PBR material creation are endless.

Want to construct complex materials layer-by-layer, using simple low-poly models? No problem:

Want to procedurally generate highly-customizable edge-wear in Cycles AND Eevee? Easy!

Organic and soft-body texture painting? Sure.

Procedural material generation? Of course!

3D logo design? Yep.

Need to segment your material using an ID Map? It’s never been easier!

With all of the awesome new features in v2, there has never been a better time to try out PBR Painter for yourself. You’ll love the new layered mask system, which lets you build complex and model-specific masks by combining procedural masksgeometry masksimported alpha maps and much more. Or, combine your downloaded PBR materials to create awesome new customizable materials, or generate your own materials from scratch using the improved procedural texturing capabilities of v2. Whatever your PBR texture painting needs, PBR Painter will make the process a whole lot less painful, and a whole lot more fun! 

And when you are finished, you can use the PBR Painter smart baking tool to automatically bake all of your textures and save them externally to a directory of your choice, and using a file format of your choice. No mucking around with manual file saving!

If you want to learn more, you can find everything you need to know in the v2.0 tutorial series:


Or by looking at the updated v2.0 written documentation:


Important – please read

PBR Painter will work with Windows, macOS or Linux. However, for macOS, Blender uses a stricter limit on the number of image texture nodes that can be rendered with Eevee. This could be restricting when working exclusively with imported textures. 

Changelog and Roadmap

Please note that by purchasing PBR Painter you will have access to every update that is released, forever and for no extra cost.

Also, when installing a new version, please remember to always uninstall the previous version completely, then restart Blender before installing the new version. 

Follow me on twitter (@PBRPainter) for regular updates and notifications of new releases. Or even better, join the Discord server!

New features available NOW in v2.2 beta:

  • Added option to bake all PBR Painter materials on mesh to single texture set
  • Revamped mask system to enable layer masks on custom layers and imported material layers
  • Improved overall addon efficiency and performance
  • Streamlined UI for brush settings
  • Added extra procedural options
  • Added buttons for preset texture resolution (1k, 2k etc)
  • Added drop down for mapping mode (point vs texture)
  • Added option to import a material node setup as a layer 
  • Added option to adjust color settings for albedo textures (hue/saturation and RGB curves)
  • Streamlined access to other materials in the model’s material slots
  • Improved background layers to be more streamlined, efficient and easy to use

New features available in v2.1:

  • Introduced option to instantly import and assign a set of textures automatically
  • Introduced option to instantly link multiple channels to the layer mask automatically and simultaneously, speeding up the procedural workflow
  • Introduced new addon preferences (autosave now in addon preferences)
  • Moved background layer panel to more discrete button in UI
  • Introduced additional mapping options for masks
  • Introduced a mask multiplier for each channel, for finer control over channel masking
  • Introduced a range of preset procedural mask options (currently scratches, grunge and cracks, more to be added), which are tunable and can be incorporated into the mask stack
  • Improved UI by adding visual cues showing which channels are switched on/off in a layer
  • Improved texture importing

New features in v2.0:

  • Major overhaul of addon for a huge boost to performance
  • Restructured UI for a more intuitive, more user-friendly and less busy interface
  • New option for importing a height/bump map in the normal channel
  • Brand new masking system, using layered system to build complex and highly-specific masks
  • More options for each specific mask (which can individually be added to the layered setup)
  • New displacement threshold mask, which applies a mask according to the displacement of previous layers (very cool!)
  • New option to use a custom layer, which lets you build your own layer from scratch using your own node setups, which can then be painted as a layer as per normal (important for advanced users who need highly specific node setups)
  • New copy/paste functions for procedural texture setups, for copying between channels and/or between layers
  • Improved how deleted layers are stored for improved addon performance and efficiency
  • New automated external texture saving after baking using a user-defined file directory
  • Fixed a bug with the autosave feature which was causing it to not save when the mouse was over the 3D viewport.
  • Added option to set the time between autosaves


  • v2.1.5:
    • Overhauled baking system for performance improvement and a smoother user experience.
  • v2.1.4:
    • Minor bug fixes relating to baking textures.
  • v2.1.3:
    • Added option to use relative or absolute texture paths in PBR Painter (located under addon preferences).
  • v2.1.2:
    • Fixed bug causing an error during unregistering, and causing the clearcoat and clearcoat roughness panels to be hidden.
  • v2.1.1:
    • Some minor bug fixes
    • Added option to overwrite previously baked textures during baking
    • Changed naming convention for merged textures for clarity
  • v2.0.9:
    • Fixed a bug with duplicate mask
  • v2.0.1 – 2.0.8:
    • Fixed a bug that was occasionally causing an error when using a custom brush
    • Fixed a bug with the specular tint channel when using link to mask
    • Fixed a bug when using merge masks that was causing the active image to switch away from the painted mask for the layer
    • Fixed a bug when duplicating an alpha map mask with box mapping selected
    • Additional bug fixes related to normal baking
    • Added the option to boost the strength of baked normal textures, which can be used to add stronger details or if the baking is producing maps that are too weak
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing an error after deleting then restoring a layer containing masks
    • Fixed a bug with external texture baking that was sometimes causing the color space of saved textures to be incorrect
  • v1.1.0:
    • New option to paint a procedural texture for each separate PBR channel (noise, voronoi, musgrave or wave), with tools to tune/scale/rotate these as necessary
    • Additional mask options (procedural noise, voronoi, musgrave or wave) that can be used in combination with all currently available masks
    • New autosave feature which, when turned on, automatically saves modified textures periodically, to avoid accidentally losing work
    • New duplicate layer button
    • Optional color ramp node when using a roughness, specular or metallic texture, for fine-tuning the texture (e.g. make a roughness texture more glossy)
    • Box mapping now available for imported textures, with access to a seam blend slider for creating seamless materials
    • New bake button to be used for baking the current material textures without having to use the merge visible button
    • Improved naming of baked textures to be more specific and streamlined
    • Option to adjust normal strength for each layer individually
    • Bump mapping available as an option in single pass layers
    • New button to instantly invert any color ramp in the addon.
  • v1.0.4:
    • Fixed bug that was occasionally causing an error when switching between paint and erase, or when adding a layer
    • Introduced the option to change the blend type between layers, for each channel in a layer
  • v1.0.3:
    • Reduced dependency on internal operations for better compatibility with future Blender versions
  • v1.0.2: 
    • Release version

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