Seamless PBR Textures – Forest Bundle 2k

8 different 2k forest PBR textures

  • Basecolor
  • AO
  • Displacement
  • Metallic
  • Normal
  • Roughness
  • RGB Mask (R-Displacement, G-Roughness, B-Metallic)


  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Mud_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Dirt_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Pebbles_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Stones_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_MossRoots_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Plants_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_Leaves_2k
  • [PBR TEXTURES] Forest_LeavesRoots_2k

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