Photo Reference Pack: Abandoned Swimming Pool and Area Nearby and Graffiti

Photo Reference Pack: ABANDONED SWIMMING POOL AND AREA NEARBY in Ukraine. In this post-apocalyptic mood, the roofs let the light feeds the new vegetation. Nature starts to take back its rights. It seems dusty but somehow the air is pure again. The walls are damaged and somehow still standing although the grounds are messy. It is hard to walk just a few meters without risking to fall into a hidden hole. Did some people came to destroy these houses ? Did the owners had to leave on the spot because of war or a natural disaster ? Many unanswered questions come to your mind when you explore these houses in decay and these are good inspiration to tell a story about the end of our world.

Whole building are area near by about 9+GB photos hi res

Chernobyl disaster,   RBMK-type nuclear reactor

A lot of textures and not only references this is ideal for texturing artist, this is super unique location

HDRI Images Added

Ideal for:

  • Concept artists
  • Matte-painters
  • Photo-bashing
  • Environment artists
  • Lighting artists


  • Photo count: 500+
  • Format: JPG, RAW, 360, MP4(VIDEOS)
  • Min. Resolution: 5184 × 3888 px
  • Max. Resolution: 6000 x 4282 px
  • Max HDRI size: 7776 × 3888 px


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