Photorealistic Human Mouth

Photorealistic Human Mouth

Best mouth model you can get for all your characters projects.

The Photorealistic Mouth model is a easy way to quickly push your characters to the next level. Get ready to level up the realism for your next character project. This mouth model is perfect for work in both production level VFX and virtually any personal project you might have.

Ready to be used in Eevee, Cycles or any other render engine

This models is using the PBR standard allowing you to easily adapt it to any other render engine with minimal adjustments required to get identical results. The model can also be used as a base for in-game models, given that it uses the PBR standard you can easily transfer and bake the texture information to your in-game model.

About the Textures
  • Base Color (4k, 8bit, png format)
  • Normal (4k, 16bit, png format)
  • Roughness (4k, 16bit, png format)
  • Specular (4k, 16bit, png format)
  • SubSurfaceScattering (4k, 16bit, png format)
About the Rig

The model is rigged with a simple rig that can easily be integrated into you character rig. It also has a easy to use IK rig to manipulate the tongue, giving you control to manipulate the tip of the tongue to base of the tongue with ease.

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