Photoshop Basic to Advanced Illustration Workflow

Photoshop Basic to Advanced Illustration Workflow

If you want to learn how to create illustration or digital painting fast using Photoshop than this course is for you. Even if you never use Photoshop before in your life, no worries, this course is designed to guide anyone from zero level up until advanced level where you can create any illustration you can think of quickly. This course will teach you techniques beyond conventional digital painting method which usually requires a lot of time and effort to finish. We will learn how to combine both vector and raster techniques in a non-destructive way to produce sharp quality images from the very start. Essentially our workflow mimics how the modern computer graphic render pass works.

From Essentials to Advanced

This course is divided into 4 sections. At the first section we will discuss the most essential things in computer graphics. We will cover color models, document’s color mode, image channels, hexadecimal color codes, different type of publishing image formats and then learn how to export images from Photoshop correctly.

At the second section of this course we will start discussing the fundamental of Photoshop such as the UI. How to use the brush tool. The basic of working with layer. Techniques to create and edit selection. Using blending modes. Creating image clipping and masking. And many other fundamental lessons. At the end of this section we will have 2 projects. The first project is creating a typography poster and the second project is cropping a rabbit photo and place it on another background.

Then in the next section we will cover how to use filter, creating gradient color and also pattern. Then we will move on to vector features inside Photoshop. How we can use the pen tool effectively, combine simple paths to form more complex path, and then some practical usage of paths inside Photoshop. In this section we will have a final project of creating an airplane illustration using the techniques discussed before.

Advanced Techniques

In the final section of this course, we’re going to use pressure sensitive devices such as Wacom tablet extensively. We’re going to learn how to setup Wacom tablet correctly so it fits our illustration workflow. Then we’re going to setup Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts and the UI also to get the most out of it. We’re going to learn about the brush settings and how to create custom brush and custom tool presets. All of these are needed to prepare our working environment for the final project.

The final project of this course is a character design illustration. We will start from sketching the ideas. Adding colors. Add shadings and highlights to it. And finally giving it final touches such as color bleeding, glows, backlight and color correction. The illustration workflow we use in this course is very modular and flexible. So you can use it for your own drawing style without any problem.

So, join now! and take your illustration skill using Photoshop to the next level! See you on the other side.

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