Poligone Smart Material Collection for Aaa Character Creation

Poligone Smart Material Collection for AAA Character Creation

(For Substance Painter)


This pack is a collection of smart materials that I’ve made in 5 years of my career as a professional 3D artist. These materials were used in all of my AAA and mobile projects for many well-known clients (ILM, Microsoft, Lucas, Disney, NCSoft, Nexon, Telltale, Kabam, Gamevil, Digital Legends and many others), from 4K to 512px textures with minimal adjustments.

These materials come in SPSM format (Substance Painter’s Smart Material) and were categorized into 17 Materials and 9 Effects. The materials is made to be used with PBR Roughness-Metallic workflow. Naming convention: <Poligone> <E/M> <Name of Material>.spsm (M stands for Material and E stands for Effect).


– 8 Metals:

  • Poligone M Armour Rusted.spsm
  • Poligone M Brass.spsm
  • Poligone M Bright Metal.spsm
  • Poligone M Dark Gold Metal.spsm
  • Poligone M Dark Steel.spsm
  • Poligone M Gold.spsm
  • Poligone M Grinded Metal.spsm
  • Poligone M Iron.spsm

– 1 Leather

  • Poligone M Leather.spsm

– 4 Fabrics

  • Poligone M Fabric Bandage.spsm
  • Poligone M Fabric Rough.spsm
  • Poligone M Fabric Woven.spsm
  • Poligone M Fabric.spsm

– 2 Skin

  • Poligone M Skin Base.spsm
  • Poligone M Skin Face.spsm

– 1 Wood

  • Poligone M Wood.spsm

– 1 Gemstone

  • Poligone M Gemstones.spsm


  • Poligone E Blood Stain.spsm
  • Poligone E Cavity Edge Dust.spsm
  • Poligone E Cavity Edge.spsm
  • Poligone E Dark Gradient.spsm
  • Poligone E Dust.spsm
  • Poligone E Fabric Stain.spsm
  • Poligone E Overall Dirt.spsm
  • Poligone E Paint.spsm
  • Poligone E Rust.spsm

Demo Video:

I hope it will serve your workflow in the best way.

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