Practical Perspective

Practical Perspective

Everything you need to know in order to draw engaging layouts, backgrounds and environments.

For years perspective was a daunting and complex subject to understand, and I could never seem to wrap my head around it. After years of continued effort, things started to click into place.
Suddenly I had the tools needed to draw anything I wanted! As I continue to hone those skills, I want to share some of the concepts that helped me simplify and understand perspective.

In this course I will share my own journey of learning perspective, and the techniques I used to understand the subject.

I will cover the basic fundamentals of perspective and how the interact with one another. We will learn the basics of 1, 2 and 3 point perspective as well as the concept of the cone of vision and distortion.

Together we will do dozens of drawings – varying the subject matter, so that we may have a deep arsenal of methods.

Who is is for?

This course is for beginner and advanced creatives who desire to have a better understanding of perspective.

What you need.

Nothing! I will be using Adobe Photoshop, and we may mention a few tools found in photoshop, the concepts and methods shared in this course will apply to any medium.

Whats included?

  • 1 hour Practical Perspective Lecture
  • Dozens of Demos!
  • A Video sharing some of my favorite perspective exercises
  • Over 3 hours of educational content
  • Perspective tool to use in your digital paintings

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