Princess Verachantesse, Singer Girl – Female Rigged Character

A doe-eyed, skinny cartoon woman with a timeless look. Music motif, with musical notes, tattoo, earrings. Good for playful, cheerful projects. Includes variations in skin tone, hair colour, clothing. Pants, shorts, sleeveless shirt, long-sleeve shirt, etc. Change the dilation of her eyes irises, modify her bodily proportions quickly and easily, by simply scaling or moving some armature bones.


  • Decent results in Cycles, Eevee, and Workbench renders

  • Fully custom rig with shoulders, knees, elbows, advanced rig constructs.

  • Rigged tongue, toes (yes, every toe), irises, and body proportions

  • Metarig controls to change many aspects of her pose simultaneously in pleasing ways. Smiling, winking, blinking, etc.

You need to be proficient with Blender 3.0+ before you can be effective using this rig and character, so do tutorials on armatures, pose mode, and basic rendering if you’re having difficulties.

The basic version is non-commercial educational only. If you wish to use the assets, rig, etc in a commercial project, purchase the commercial license.

Other Characters:

I have several characters for sale and you may wish to know which is right for you. Here is a quick comparison.

Endeara Devika – More weighty, muscular, but petite. Meant to look like she’s from India.

Monette Taida – Thin and fit, somewhat muscular, with an exotic caucasian look. A beach girl.

Lilithe Classica – Very thin, fit, petite. Meant to look like she’s from Asia.

Tailey Fang – Natural large Asian female proportions. Meant to look like she’s from Asia.

Annya Leona – Extremely long-legged and large-breasted Eastern European woman, beyond what is typical.

Princess Verachantesse – Petite, musical and playful. Meant to look caucasian.

You can see a video series about how these characters are rigged on my Youtube channel here:


  • Fast computer and graphics card. Preferably 4x 3GHz+ CPU, 6GB+ GPU

  • Blender 2.83+ (works, but may act strange) and 3.0+ (this is my main development version)

  • Included armature does not have true FK (only IK and simulated FK). See demo videos on my channel for understanding this, or read the documentation included with the character, where I explain how to key an animation for FK-like behaviour.

  • Under clothes, she has semi-realistic colours and textures. Do not remove her clothing if you are uncomfortable with this. However, the file is laid out simply enough that you can work with her without removing her clothing.

  • The “Palacio Verachantesse” included is FREE, and you may not use it in any commercial project. There are assets in there that are free but not owned by me, so I do not have the authority to grant a commercial license of the Palacio. It is only for personal use, or trying her out in various rooms to see how she looks in an environment.

Questions? Visit the discord at

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