Procedural Roof Tiles Material

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Zip file is composed of:

  • “.sbs” Substance Designer file with complete Graph Nodes.
  • “.sbsar” Substance Painter file, ready to be imported as BaseMaterial in Substance Painter.
  • “.ma” Maya presentation File with the RoofTile_aiStandardSurface material set to be used with Arnold Render.
  • Texture Folder with 6 Different Tiles Textures Sets.
    (BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, Height, AmbientOcclusion)
  • “SD Material” Folder which contains all the “.sbs” file Dependencies.
  • Written Tutorial on Substance Designer and Painter
  • Written Tutorial on how to use Displacement in Maya Arnold

The creation Flow of Roof Tile Material should be divided into two different workflows, the Height and the Color creation. From which I also obtained the Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Curvature and Roughness Maps.
To manage Tiles and Details I also created some external graphs for the Tile Profile Selection, the Tile Breaker and the Moss cover.

If you open the Tile profile graph you can easily add your custom profile simply connecting them to the Switch Node in the Output. All the other controls are exposed in the final Sbsar file.

Roof Tiles Material simplifies the Roof Tiles creation with 6 Different Tiles variations and easy customizable Parameters inside of both Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

With the “.Sbsar” File in Substance Painter you can change:

  • The shape of the Tiles, their Rotation, Scale and Offset.
  • The integrity of the Tiles so you can choose the amount of broken Tiles with Four different Sliders.
  • Add additionals Cracks and Surface damage.
  • Control Grout Spread between Tiles.
  • Add or Remove Details like Lichens and Moss on them.
  • Add Dust and Dirt.
  • Total control on Color Variation of Tiles, Grout Spread, and Moss.

How To Use Procedural Roof Tiles Material:

Once you have opened your file in Substance Painter, you can easily drag your “Roof_Tiles_Material.sbsar” inside your canvas and import it in the Project File.

Just Fill your Roof Object or everything you want to texture with Roof Tile Material and choose your preset or modify each parameter to obtain your custom Roof Tile Material.

Last but not least in the Zip File you will also Find a Tutorial about How to Correctly use Displacement Map inside of Arnold Maya. 

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