Procedural Sewing Tool – Sewing Tool Project + Material

Procedural Sewing made on Substance Designer. There IS a SBSAR included but with a few parameters exposed and options to BitMap input, Text input and Daft Logo (Default) for studying purposes and coolness.

With that project, you are going to be able to understand how to achieve that sewing effect, and how to add wrinkles dynamically around it just by studying the graph supplied. Let me know if you need any help or if you have any problem using it for your project and I will try to help.

Replace the Daft Punk logo input by your logo to create something more unique. The Daft punk black and white logo is not included in the download, but you can download it from the sample pictures. (The white on black background). And drag to your graph.

    UPDATE : Fev 15 – New Update. V 13.03. Now with some extra parameters, and the option to turn the internal background OFF, so you can layer the sewing over different texture layers in Substance painter, making this more versatile. There’s another option now to just have a sewing of the outline of the input images. And it’s easier to setup the color of the lines and adjust the wrinkles height influence.

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