Procedural Surface Imperfections

Avoid cramming high resolution textures by going procedural.

Fully procedural surface imperfections.
Mix them in like texture maps to add that extra realism to your PBR materials.
Helps keep your file sizes small and avoid additional texture maps inside Blender.
The shaders are simple but still holds up for close up shots.


  • Cycles only
  • UV coordinates only – this was on purpose because UVs provide the control that you need on the mesh level.


  • Append the node groups labelled (“APPEND”) to your scene.
  • Use them like textures.
  • For ease, I usually copy any paste the objects to the scene I want to apply for, then I copy and paste the node groups to the required materials.


Commercial use is permitted but this shall not be included in an asset pack, kit bash, or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products. If you wish to integrate this into your own product please contact me through
Modifying the material and THEN using it for asset packs, or any application, is allowed. For example; the grid pattern would work great for floor tiles!

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