Procedural Wool Shader for Blender

Procedural Wool Shader for Blender

High quality height and color generation without the need for high resolution textures.
Made with 2.82
Optimzed for Cycles. (Basic Shader works in EEVEE; not guaranteed to perform correctly in EEVEE)

Important; Only works with UVs. Make sure you have UVs on your mesh and the UV vector coordinates are connected to the input.
If you are using displacement, set the midlevel to zero.
Directions (refer to image below);

1. Connect UV vector coordinates to ‘vector’ input

2. Input color or texture map

3. If you are using texture coordinates, use generated input for the image texture (item 3 of image).

4. Connect color to your shader

5. Connect Height output to a Bump note and connect to your shader

6. If you are using Displacement, make sure your mesh has enough resolution and set the midlevel to zero.

7. Vary “weave height” parameter to create your procedural wave animation!

The easiest way to append this to your scene is to copy (CTR+C) an object from the blend file and paste (CTR+P) to your scene. Which should bring along the material

Sweater included.


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