Queen Hetepheres’ Sedan Chair

Queen Hetepheres, the mother of Khufu and the wife of Sneferu, was one of the most powerful women of ancient world. The inscriptions give names and epithets of the Queen as “Mother of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt….the real Daughter of the God, Hetepheres.”

Sedan chairs were the preferred mode of transportation for the well off who sat upon them with knees drawn up to the chest, fan in hand, and a thick cushion for support and comfort. From this perch, they were able to survey the world as they were carried to their destinations.

1 Queen Hetepheres Sedan Chair (CR2 and OBJ)

Figure Grouping:

Cushion Back

Cushion Base

Sedan Chair

Additional Features:

1 Camera Preset (CM2)

1 Light Preset (LT2)

8 High-Resolution Textures Included:

2 Cushion Back Texture and Bump Maps (2000×2000)

1 Cushion Base Texture Map (2500×2500)

2 Panel Texture & Bump Maps (3500×3500)

2 Pole Texture & Bump Maps (3000×3000)

1 Trim Texture Map (3500×3500)

P5+ Materials on Figure (CR2)

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