Quick Cartoon Eyeball Setup

One of the most important things when you create a character is make the eyes look vibrant without losing time. With this setup you will be able make it faster. Here you will find two versions of prebuilded stylized eyes, one with sculpted details and the other full procedural.

This product contains

  • Cartoon_eye.blend / Version1 and Version2.
  • Cartoon_eye.ztl / Version1 with detail levels.
  • Textures – Diffuse and displacement / .tif .exr.

Version features

– V2: It contains the Iris itself and the cornea, the rest of the eyeball is suppressed so become more efficient when sculpting detail and extracting this detail to textures. Mesh features:

  • Retopologyzed Low-poly mesh.
  • Contain UVs.
  • Procedural textures (Can be baked to images).
  • Morph shape keys added to adjust the diameter of the iris.

– V1: This is the old version. The Iris and the eyeball are one piece. Mesh features:

  • Low-poly mesh in Blender.
  • Detail levels in Zbrush.
  • Polypainted in Zbrush.
  • Contain UVs.
  • Image textures.

Hey dude!

Paying for this product help me to continue sculpting awsome characters and doing what I love. If you liked it you can share my work to your friends. Thank you!

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