Quickly and Efficiently Painting Mountains Bundle

Quickly and Efficiently Painting Mountains BUNDLE

This Bundle of Demos will show you basic and advanced techniques on how to create engaging paintings while also having fun.

In This Bundle We Will Discuss

  • Tour of my reference archives
  • Where to find reference
  • How to utilize the reference without copying it
  • Selecting Color and Value Confidently
  • Creating Interesting textures
  • How to paint different kinds of water?
  • What Makes a good painting?
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Layer Organization
  • Helpful Practice Suggestions
  • Trust me, you’ll learn a lot!

You Will Receive

  • 1 non structured Video Tutorial with commentary and detailed process demonstration
  • 1 Painting demo with audio commentary, recorded LIVE.
  • 3 Time Lapse videos with audio commentary.
  • 1 PSD layer clickthrough with audio commentary.
  • Raw PSD File, including all layers! (5 PSD’s)
  • Full Res Images (5 JPGS)

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