Railroad Tank Car

Hi there! This is a railroad car, ready to be imported into Unreal Engine 5. It was modeled in Foundry Modo 14, correctly scaled. It has been splitted into 11 pieces, to keep the resolution as high as possible, the models are named logically, no part-name confusion when importing the models into UE5, the materials have the same name of the meshes, all the models have 2 UV channels, one for the model and one for your lightmap, if you’re new to Unreal Engine, follow the instructions provided with the package, in order to import it into UE5 correctly, without getting orrible artifacts.

I really hope you like it.

I’m going to list the package’s content right below, so here goes:

You’ll find 7 archives

11 triangulated low poly model

11 high poly model with subdivision surface applied

1  set of packed textures 4096 x 4096 for Unreal Engine

1  pictures tutorial on how to import the model into UE5

1  Blender file (only the model without textures)

1  Foundry modo file (only model  without textures)

1  Substance Painter scene


Unit = m

Vertex count = 48717

Have fun!!!

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