Rapid Rig: Modular

Rapid Rig: Modular

“Rapid Rig: Modular”  is the flagship tool for Rapid Rig. It is a system built around being able to design your rigs in infinite possibilities. Whether you want to rig a human, elephant, pterodactyl, or spider, Rapid Rig: Modular has you covered. Rapid Rig: Modular is allows you to attach different modules (like arms, spines, legs and heads) to each other in countless configurations.

You can build a rig from scratch, starting only with a ROOT and adding:
•Splines (splines, necks, tails)
•FK Chains (fingers, tails, spines, wings)
•Look-Ats (eyes)

You can attach any of these to each other in any order you like. You can make assymetrical characters, humans, dogs, spiders, birds, centaurs, dragons. Almost any creature you can imagine, you can rig with these tools.

The script comes with some powerful presets to get you started on with rig to save you time.
•Biped (Human)

All modules can be modified after creation. You can also clone, mirror, reattach, pin and re-color your modules.
If you are happy with your proxies, you can save them out to a text file which can be loaded into any scene.
You can also save the transform information of your proxies to load onto a different proxy rig that is not identical.

*NOTE: Rapid Rig: Modular is not compatible with Maya LT.


Setting Up Proxy Rig:

Modifying Proxy Rig:

Generating Rig:

Using the Selector UI

Exporting to a Game Engine

Version 1.5.0 Updates

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