Raw a Pose Scan & Cleaned Body Scan Pose | Postapocalyptic #2

Package of two body scans include Raw A Body Scan and Cleaned Body Scan.


Raw A Body Scan Specifications: 

1x obj file of raw scan/ 1 600 000 polys

8k / PNG diffuse texture

Polygonal tris only

NOTE: No postproduction and no retopology


Cleaned Body Scan Specifications:

1x obj file of raw scan / 273 000 polys

1x ZTL file / 35 020 000 polys

8k / TGA diffuse texture



John Hopkins

Age: 23

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 73 kg


UNIFORM: Home-made Postapocalyptic Suit

Weapon: AK-74 U


3D.sk provides all you need from virtual casting studio. Model casting, neutral & morf expression scans, full body scans, accessories and cloth scans, 3D postproduction, photoshooting of full body, portrait, hair, eyes and skin & other on demand services.

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