Real Camera Motion Library

Real Camera Motion Library

This library is a motion-captured camera animation library, captured mostly from a shoulder-mounted camera to create cinematic motion and at 60 fps for the most faithful capture.

There are 40 main camera moves total, divided into these categories:

  • FPS: 24/30/60
  • Motion: Raw/Smooth
  • Translate + Rotate/Rotate-Only
  • 184 total camera moves when considering all variations

These are provided in 4 file formats to use in Maya, Blender, Unreal, and any DCC software that accepts .fbx file format:

  • Maya .atom (allows for animation layers)
  • Unreal Camera Library (.uasset & the UE-oriented .fbx)
  • Blender-Oriented .fbx
  • Maya-Oriented .fbx

All of these variations and file formats mean there are literally over 1,600 files in this library.

In addition to these files, tutorials are included to demonstrate how to quickly and easily use these in your projects and how adjustable they are as well. You aren’t stuck with camera moves in concrete, this data can be manipulated and adjusted to work exactly how you need it to.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of how quickly you can add these animations to your projects.

There is also a video preview gallery to easily browse a preview of the camera moves without having to import them into your project.

Here are the 40 camera moves divided into 3 general categories, idles, reframes, motions, to make them easily searchable in your database and especially in Unreal’s:

  • carFast
  • carSlow
  • carRideStationaryBig
  • carRideStationarySmall
  • cellPhoneIdle
  • cellPhonePickUpToFilm
  • gunFire
  • gunFire2
  • idleBreathFast
  • idleBreathSlow
  • idleLarge
  • idleMed
  • idleSmall
  • impactsx2
  • jog
  • reframePan45
  • reframePan90
  • reframePan135
  • reframePan180
  • reframePan360
  • reframeTilt45down
  • reframeTilt45up
  • reframeTilt90down
  • reframeTilt90up
  • run
  • searchingFast
  • searchingSlow
  • shoved
  • sitDown
  • sprint
  • standUp
  • walkCircle
  • walkFast
  • walkInjured
  • walkSlow
  • walkStairsDown
  • walkStairsUp
  • walkTrackingSidewaysFast
  • walkTrackingSidewaysSlow

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