Real-Time/Game-Ready Hair Creation


I’ve made tutorial for you, where I will walk you through my workflow of creating real-time, game-ready hair. Everything is made in Blender 2.8, besides baking which is done in Xnormal (free software).

I will show you how to generate hair particles, and prepare them for texture baking. Later I’ll demonstrate how to prepare hair cards, and organize your work.

After this, I prepared a timelapse of the grooming process, where I will give you some advice on how to place your cards in different stages. When we will be done placing hair cards I will show you how to easily optimize your hair mesh. In my case triangle count dropped from 40k to 20k without losing much of quality and you can push it even more :D.

And the end I’ll show you how to plug and set up material in Unreal Engine 4.


Video Tutorials:

  • 1. Reference talk- Short intro and talk about gathering proper references
  • 2. Generating hair particles- I show you how to create hair particles for our texture
  • 3. Baking- We will take our particles and move them to Xnormal in order to bake textures needed for Unreal Engine material setup.
  • 4. Preparing hair cards- Creating different type of hair cards and organizing work.
  • 5. Grooming “Base”- First stage of our grooming process in which we gonna create basic volumes and define a flow of the hair.
  • 6. Grooming “Details”- Detailing stage in which we are going to create breakups and give our hair some randomness.
  • 7. Grooming “Flyaways”- The last stage in which we gonna add some single hair strings giving our hair appealing and natural look.
  • 8. Optimization- Here I will show you how to easily optimize your hair mesh.
  • 9. Unreal Engine- In the last video I will show you how to use Unreal Engine’s hair material and adjust it to make our hair look fantastic ;).


  • Hair mesh created for this tutorial
  • Textures for Unreal Engine and as an addition for Marmoset Toolbag.

Thank you!

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  • A MUST Have

    I have been searching for awhile for a good hair course. I Can confirm here the content provided is on Par with the teqs seen in CGMA’s Hair course. ( The one with the horizon dawn hair artist ). And a plus , its all in Blender.

    Only critiques I could give is that I wish it was a bit slower at some sections.
    And perhaps a video or 2 explaining the hair particle system in blender more in depth.

    Maybe a few other types of hair styles, Eyebrows,lashes and so forth.
    ( Maybe we will see those in the future hopefully! )

    But yeah $25-$35 compared to CGMA’s $750. Just do it.

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