Real Time Hair 001

A real time (alpha texture cards) game ready hair asset. Hairs styles are a time consuming painstaking task and so I hoped to take the stress out of this by providing you with a premade commerical Hairstyle. If this proves useful I will make a catalogue of hairs, so let me know!

Some key points

  • Slightly Stlyised/Thicker to help render in game engines
  • all Source files included
  • Unreal project included with 9 colour variants
  • Marmoset Scene Included with 8 colour variants
  • 3 lods (72k cinematic, 17k mid, 10k low)

Id like to note there is no reason why this shouldn’t run on unity as well, but It would need a custom shader or perhaps as assetstore shader to make it work and as of which, If you buy it for unity it will be a bit of an unknown.

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