Real-Time Hair Creation

In the Real-Time Hair Creation course, You’ll learn how I created the real-time hair textures and the process of placing hair cards on a head mesh.

I’ll show you my process on how I approach creating hair textures and placing them. As placing is a very long process I’ve decided to split this workflow into two different Segments. A small compact one or the alternative full version.

  • The main one is a narrated version where we’ll cover the workflow in a more compact form.
  • The secondary is a longer more complete version of the placement workflow in Maya, for those who want to see more closely how I placed them.

Placing the cards a long and tedious process, so I leave both of them so that you can choose whether to view the full hours-long process or a more compact version with narration.

Marmoset Toolbag 4

We’ll finish by bringing our meshes to Marmoset. Preparing our scene and Lighting it. To fully appreciate our work.

Included Files

  • Maya Hair Placement Scene
  • Marmoset Scene
  • Maya Hair Texture Scene
  • Hair Textures 4K
  • Creating Realtime Hair.pdf


#1 – Intro

#2 – Creating the Hair Textures in Maya 

#2.5 – XGen Time-Lapse Grooming

#3 – Baking (Alt)

#4 – Placing Hair Card Part 1 (SV)

#5 – Placing Hair Cards Part 2 (SV) 

#6 – Finishing Hair Cards Placement 

 #7 – Marmoset Toolbag 4 – Lighting and Rendering

Extra Alternative

Hair Card Placement Part 1 – Part 5 (FV)  4 + hours of content.

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